Assessing Wellbeing and Resilience

Has COVID impacted on your resilience and wellbeing, either at work or in your life generally? Is work or life causing stress that is undermining your health or mental health? The Wellbeing Self-Assessment provides valuable information to help leaders and teams assess their current level of resilience and wellbeing, identify ways to be strengthen them, and help you to thrive in complex and uncertain times.

The Wellbeing Self-Assessment has been developed by Maria Brett to assess the wellbeing and resilience of leaders and teams. The Diagnostic measures wellbeing and resilience based on the Resilience Model of Workplace Wellbeing. This model highlights Seven key dimensions of wellbeing: occupational Health, self-care, physical health, mental health, relationships, social connection and spirituality. Each dimension of wellbeing is explored in the Self-Assessment to help participants identify practical strategies to strengthen their wellbeing and resilience.

The Resilience Model of Workplace Wellbeing

Seven dimensions of wellbeing to thrive in complex and uncertain times

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