Courageous Leaders

Learn how to lead courageously - from the inside out - for impact that really matters

Awareness is revolutionary. Leading courageously begins with awareness of ourselves and how we relate to others. Applied to your whole organisation, awareness will radically change the way you work and your impact in the world.

Courageous Leadership Program

A professional development program for leaders to tackle their leadership challenges with courage

This is our flagship leadership development program which is delivered in-house for organisations. Participants explore leadership deeply – it all starts with awareness. Grounded in principles of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, the program will transform you, and your leadership, from the inside out. 

The Program is made up of ten training modules, designed to take leaders to their growing edge. The training is flexible – Leaders can do just one module or do them all! Training is available in person or via zoom, and is followed by group coaching to embed learning more deeply.

Transformational Coaching

An individual leadership coaching program to transform your leadership and your life

Maria’s Transformational Coaching program is based on her approach to courageous leadership which you will learn and practice throughout the program. You will benefit both personally and professionally from engaging in the Transformational Coaching process. 

Start with a single session to get a taste of coaching with Maria Brett. Even in a single 2-hour session, you will begin exploring leadership from the inside out and start increasing your impact. 

Courageous Leaders Mentoring Program

A Group Mentoring Program for leaders to be supported and challenged to lead more courageously

The Group Mentoring Program is designed to support and challenge leaders to be more courageous in their leadership. The program draws on Maria’s approach to courageous leadership which you will learn and practice throughout the program. Participants will be mentored by Maria to tackle their leadership challenges and will also benefit for peer support as they build relationships in the Courageous Leaders Community.

The program begins with a 3-month foundation program which covers the Courageous Leadership Curriculum via online training, with live Curriculum Coaching and Question and Answer sessions. The ongoing annual program provides a range of group mentoring activities, plus optional on-to-one mentoring for personal, in-depth mentoring support. 

Find out how to be a more courageous leader - from the inside out - and have an impact that really matters


Maria has a wonderful presence and personal style. Her Masterclass was fun, colourful and informative. She delivered practical approaches for applying Emotional Intelligence, with tact and awareness.

David Maywald
Non-Executive Director
Community Services # 1 

The Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Program helped our team understand the value  of developing, applying and harnessing EI.  The assessment helped us strengthen our self-awareness especially in relation to how others in the team viewed us and how their views aligned with how we viewed ourselves. The coaching from Maria was helpful in framing follow up questions and discussions with the team about their feedback to ensure constructive outcomes from the whole experience.

Dr Dalal Smiley
CEO, Wellsprings for Women

Maria Brett, Mindfulness, Leadership and Transformational Coaching

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