Courageous Leadership Program

About the Program

The Courageous Leadership Program has been developed by Maria Brett to help leaders change the way they’re leading – from the inside out.

The program has been designed with flexibility in mind. You can engage Maria to deliver one module, or to deliver them all! Training is ideally followed by group coaching to take your leadership learning deeper.

Coaching with Maria Brett is an opportunity to be supported to apply training to real-life work challenges. Learning then becomes embedded in practice.

Testimonial - Courageous Leadership Program

Maria is an exceptional trainer and coach who brings immense value to each session. Her facilitation style is both engaging and calm, creating a positive and productive learning environment. What sets her apart is her commitment to ensuring the practical application of the knowledge gained. Following each session, Maria leads us in small group coaching sessions where she skillfully uses powerful questions to help us integrate the learning into our day-to-day work. This approach fosters a deeper understanding and allows us to truly embed the newfound skills and insights into our professional lives.

Carla Chernomordik
Organisational Development Partner, Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Module 1

Awareness is Revolutionary

Courageous leadership begins with you. We begin by focusing on developing your self-awareness as a person and as a leader. You will learn what awareness really is, and gain practical skills to strengthen your self-awareness. In this module you’ll discover just how revolutionary awareness is when you apply awareness principles and practices to your leadership. You will reap noticeable benefits from this transformative way of leading. 

Module 2

Leading with Purpose, On Purpose

Strengthen your understanding of your personal and work purposes through a deep exploration of values. In this module you will learn how your personal values align with the values of your organisation, and how to put values into action with values-led workplace behaviours. This is an opportunity to re-engage with the reasons you chose to do the work you do, and to lead your team to have renewed commitment to your organisation’s mission.

Module 3

It Takes Courage to Lead

Learn why it takes courage to lead and how to step out of your comfort zone into your leadership courage zone. In this module you will identify your leadership fears and how to lean into these instead of turning away. Learn five strategies to be more courageous as a leader: face your fears, be vulnerable, be honest, be authentic and keep going. The module includes participation in a Leadership Self-Assessment. 

Module 4

Cultivating Extraordinary Leadership Presence

Learn how the way you show up at work impacts on other people, and how to tackle distraction and reactivity by cultivating leadership presence. In this module you will learn practical mindfulness skills that will support you to develop a leadership presence that is calm, clear, authentic and focused.  This will help you build trust and rapport with others, and bring a sense of calm to the emotional system that operates in your team and organisation.

Module 5

Thriving in the Age of Disruption

Learn how to strengthen your resilience and adapt to the challenges and uncertainty of the 21st century. Drawing on neuroscience and post-traumatic growth, this module explores how we are fundamentally wired for resilience, and offers practical strategies to build psychological resilience and improve wellbeing. Essential learning for leaders and their people to adjust to life with COVID-19 and thrive in the face of future challenges. This module includes participation in a Wellbeing Self-Assessment.

Module 6

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Learn what emotional intelligence actually looks like in a leader by diving deeply into  emotional intelligence. Participants will learn how to improve their leadership effectiveness by practising emotionally intelligent leadership behaviours. You will reap the rewards of emotional intelligence with increased awareness of the impact you have on others, and greater capacity to build effective working relationships. This module has an optional add-on of a Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Debrief. 

Module 7

Integrity Matters

What is ethics and why is it essential in leadership? In this module, participants will explore why ethics matter so much in leadership, and learn how to show up with integrity as a leader every day. You will learn the importance of taking full responsibility for the impact of your words and actions, starting with the simple practice of telling the truth. Leadership is full of ethical dilemmas so you will learn how to grapple with these, and gain skills for ethical decision-making.

Module 8

Building Engaged and Productive Teams

Learn why engagement and productivity matter so much and practical strategies to build an engaged and productive team.  Participants will learn five engagement strategies that really work: be curious, be vulnerable, be purposeful, be kind, and remember it’s not about you. The results will be teams that are more engaged and committed to your mission as an organisation, and a measurable increase in productivity.

Module 9

Essential Skills for Courageous Conversations

Develop the essential skills you need to have difficult conversations at work. In this module, you will identify the issues you are avoiding and how to tackle them. Some of the conversations that leaders need to be having, but which are often avoided, include diversity and inclusion, self-care and wellbeing, and workplace bullying.  Learn to spot your own and other people’s blind spots related to these issues, and strategies to talk about them skilfully, including how to give and receive effective feedback.

Module 10

Leading Culture Change

When you pull together the insights and strategies learned across the other nine modules, cultural change can really begin. In this module, leaders will learn skills and strategies to lead culture change so your organisation can have an impact that really matters. The culture you create can be whatever culture your organisation seeks, but with courageous leaders, it’s likely to be a courage culture that is driven by purpose, and genuinely cares about people. 

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