Develop a Culture Roadmap

People-Centred Culture is at the heart of Maria Brett's approach to organisational development and culture change

Maria Brett facilitates the process to produce a Culture Roadmap, the first step for organisations that are developing and implementing a Culture Strategy.  The success of any Culture Strategy will depend on your commitment to putting people at the centre of culture change process. This people-centred approach delivers the performance, accountability and engagement that will spark culture change and underpin successful delivery of your organisation’s strategic goals.


  • Pre-workshop meetings with senior leaders to review your current culture and clarify your vision for your culture 
  • A Culture Survey across the organisation to gather data about the current state of your organisational culture 
  • A one-day facilitated workshop to explore culture and identify your organisation’s ideal culture and what this looks like in terms of work and leadership behaviours
  • A Roadmap capturing the workshop outcomes to support you with the development of your Culture Strategy 
  •  A 2.5-hour follow-up session to review your Culture Strategy and your progress with its implementation to achieve cultural alignment across the organisation

A People-Centred Organisation

Align People and Culture

A facilitated process to implement your Culture Strategy at the team level and increase cultural alignment

This facilitated culture alignment process takes place at the team level. Team members are supported in a safe learning environment to talk about the organisation’s values and culture, and what it looks like to be better aligned with these in terms of work and leadership behaviours.


  • A one-day workshop to explore what culture is how to achieve individual and team  alignment with the organisation’s culture
  • 2 x 90-minute team coaching sessions to support cultural alignment
  • A 2.5-hour review session to review the implementation of the Culture Strategy by each team and its impact 
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