The Growing Edge Programs

Transformation Journeys
for courageous leaders, thriving teams and purposeful organisations

The Growing Edge transformation journey begins wherever you are. Whether you need to learn how to lead more effectively, to be more resilient and thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain world, or just to get clearer about your true purpose, our programs are designed to help you and your teams find and work at your growing edge. You will learn practical strategies to live and lead courageously – from the inside out – and to have an impact that really matters. 

The Growing Edge Transformation Journeys

Transformation Journeys

Courageous Leaders

Lead courageously - from the inside out - for impact that really matters

Awareness is revolutionary. Courageous leadership begins with awareness of ourselves and how we relate to others. Applied to your whole organisation, awareness will radically change the way you work and your impact in the world.

Leadership development services:

  • The Courageous Leadership Program
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Courageous Leaders Mentoring Program (coming in October 2022)

Thriving Teams

Programs to support teams to thrive in complex and uncertain times

How do organisations adapt to the disruption, challenges and uncertainty of the 21st century? How prepared will you be when the next pandemic hits? How can team members be more engaged and work more effectively as a team?

In this suite of programs for teams, Maria Brett supports teams to achieve a high level of wellbeing, to work effectively as a team with emotional intelligent work behaviours, to have the resilience to adapt to current and future challenges – and to thrive. 

Resilience services:

  • Thriving Teams Program
  • Emotionally Intelligent Teams
  • Transforming Resilience in the Age of Disruption

Purposeful Organisations

Live and lead with purpose, for impact that really matters

Without purpose, it’s difficult to know where you’re going or why you’ve even set out on your journey, and what your organisation can make a real difference in the world.
Explore your personal and organisational purpose with Maria Brett’s purpose-led services:
  • Purpose-led Strategic Planning
  • Purposeful Team Planning


Maria has a wonderful presence and personal style. Her Masterclass was fun, colourful and informative. She delivered practical approaches for applying Emotional Intelligence, with tact and awareness.

David Maywald
Non-Executive Director
Community Services # 1 

The Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Program helped our team understand the value  of developing, applying and harnessing EI.  The assessment helped us strengthen our self-awareness especially in relation to how others in the team viewed us and how their views aligned with how we viewed ourselves. The coaching from Maria was helpful in framing follow up questions and discussions with the team about their feedback to ensure constructive outcomes from the whole experience.

Dr Dalal Smiley
CEO, Wellsprings for Women

Maria Brett, Mindfulness, Leadership and Transformational Coaching

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