Thriving Teams

Programs to support teams to thrive in complex and uncertain times

Courageous leaders build teams that thrive. Thriving starts with supporting individual and team wellbeing so that people have the resilience to work effectively in the face of 21st century challenges.  Teams also need support, through purposeful planning, to engage with an implement your organisation’s values and purpose. 

Thriving Teams Program

An employee engagement and wellbeing program to build thriving teams

The Thriving Teams Program offers three Learning Modules to support people to return to work following COVID-19. The Program is designed with flexibility in mind. Choose one or two modules to support your teams, or offer all three modules to have a deeper impact on employee wellbeing and engagement. The Modules build employee engagement by focussing on three interconnected areas for team development: Wellbeing, Purpose and Self-Management. 

Transforming Resilience in the Age of Disruption

A wellbeing program to build resilient leaders and teams

How do organisations and teams adapt to the disruption, challenges and uncertainty of the 21st century? How resilient have your organisation and its people been in the face of the pandemic? Do you need support to adapt to the new normal? How prepared will you be when the next unexpected event hits?  Drawing on neuroscience and key learnings from post-traumatic growth and mindfulness, the Transforming Resilience Program presents Maria Brett’s approach to resilience which begins with understanding how we are fundamentally wired for resilience.

Emotionally Intelligent Teams

Improve team relationships and effectiveness by developing the emotional intelligence of your team

In this team development program, the team will go through emotional intelligence assessment and learn emotionally intelligent work behaviours that will strengthen team relationships and build trust and collaboration. 


  • 2-hour online workshop on emotional intelligence
  • Genos emotional intelligence assessment with individual report
  • A 3- hour debrief session in small groups of 3 to 4 people to help participants understand their of the EI Assessment results and to develop and individual EI Action Plan
  • 2 x 90-minute team coaching sessions to support implementation of the Action Plans

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