Transformational Coaching

Maria Brett’s Transformational Coaching program is based on her approach to courageous leadership which you will learn and practice throughout the program. You will benefit both personally and professionally from engaging in the Transformational Coaching process. 

The Transformational Coaching program is aimed at leaders who want to be more courageous and purpose-led in the way they lead. Whether you need support to tackle your current leadership challenges, or support to work on your career development as a leader, the program offers intensive coaching support – plus leadership mentoring when appropriate for your learning needs.

Coaching will help you to identify your strengths and blind spots as a leader, and to reframe the things that hold you back. You will clarify your vision for the future, and map out your development pathway by setting and implementing strategies and goals to transform your leadership (any maybe your life).

Choose from 6 or 8 coaching sessions, and get real-time feedback from Maria throughout the program with interactive journaling – a feature of Maria’s approach which make the coaching process deep and transformative. There is also the option of a 180 degree Genos emotional intelligence assessment to help you deeply explore your emotional intelligence as a leader.

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Single Session Transformational Coaching

Curious about Transformational Coaching? If you need to get clearer about where to next in your personal or professional growth, a taster session in Transformational Coaching is a great way to start your growth journey.

Vision to Action: Single Session Transformational Coaching

Single Session Transformational Coaching will give you an introductory experience of the Transformational Coaching process. In this  two-hour Transformational Coaching session, you will clarify your vision and plan to take action. Suitable for any-one looking for rapid transformation for their personal, professional or business growth. 

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Download the Transformational Coaching Model

Explore the Transformational Coaching model developed by Maria Brett. The model covers the three stages of the coaching process (present, future and pathway) and the nine targets for transforming your leadership (story, blind spots, re-framing, possibilities, outcomes, commitment, strategies, goals and action).