Transforming Resilience in the Age of Disruption

A program to build resilient leaders and teams

How do organisations and teams adapt to the disruption, challenges and uncertainty of the 21st century? How resilient have your organisation and its people been in the face of the pandemic? Are things getting back to “normal”, or do you need support to adapt to the new normal? How prepared will you be when the next unexpected event hits?

Drawing on neuroscience and key learnings from post-traumatic growth and mindfulness, the Transforming Resilience Program presents Maria Brett’s approach to resilience which begins with understanding how we are fundamentally wired for resilience.

Over the 8-weeks of the program, participants will explore how we can all become more resilient – it just takes practice. Participants will also learn to share responsibility for creating a culture of resilience and wellbeing in their workplaces.

The training includes participation in the Resilience Self-Assessment, developed by Maria Brett, an individual Resilience Plan, and coaching support to implement the learning. The program is underpinned by Maria Brett’s Resilience Model of Workplace Wellbeing which highlights six key aspects of resilience. These are each explored with practical strategies which are put into practice to strengthen resilience and wellbeing.

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