Mindfulness for Wellbeing

For leaders and teams to manage stress and improve workplace wellbeing

Mindfulness has a long tradition of supporting health, mental health and wellbeing. The benefits of mindfulness practice are now supported by extensive research.  Mindfulness is now becoming a standard approach to supporting workplace wellbeing which is embraced by many organisations that are committed to supporting their people. 

About the Program

The program provides intensive learning and support over a 3-month period to apply mindfulness principles and practices to work and life. The program can be tailored to meet organisational and individual needs and will help build a wellbeing culture in your organisation and embed practices that support wellbeing.

The program includes an online Wellbeing Assessment and Individual Wellbeing Plan for all team members, weekly mindfulness meditation classes, and Wellbeing Group Coaching sessions run in small groups.

Public Program commencing 3 August 2022

Download the Program Brochure

Workplace Wellbeing Consulting

For resilient and productive leaders and teams

Wellbeing in the workplace is essential, not only to value people by supporting their health and wellbeing. It makes good business sense to increase employee engagement and team morale and effectiveness, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity over time. Transforming the wellbeing of an organisation begins with culture change and calls for commitment from all levels of he organisation.

Maria Brett will develop and implement a tailored Workplace Wellbeing Program for your organisation. Maria will review current practice across the organisation and assess the individual wellbeing of leaders and teams. She will them implement a range of strategies, grounded in mindfulness, to build a wellbeing culture in your organisation and embed practices that support wellbeing for individuals and teams.

To find out how Workplace Wellbeing Consulting addresses wellbeing issues in the workplace, download Maria Brett’s Workplace Wellbeing Model.

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