How Mindful are you as a Leader?Assess your leadership with the Mindful Leadership Diagnostic

The Mindful Leadership Diagnostic

Do you aspire to live and lead more mindfully? Are you ready to make a plan and take action to move in the direction of greater mindfulness, purpose, and resilience? The Mindful Leadership Diagnostic will help you to assess how mindfully you are currently leading and identify specific steps you can take to develop the nine leadership competencies that are the hallmarks of a Mindful Leader. Along the way, you might also discover how mindfulness can change your life by improving your wellbeing, your relationships and your impact in the world.

The Mindful Leadership Diagnostic has been developed by Maria Brett to help purpose-led leaders, who want to lead more mindfully, to assess their current leadership and create a plan for professional growth. The Diagnostic assesses nine leadership which the hallmarks of a Mindful Leader as illustrated in the Mindful Leadership Model. Each of these leadership competencies is measured by considering the specific leadership behaviours that Mindful Leaders need to put into practice to live and lead more mindfully.​

The Mindful Leadership Model

What kind of leader do you want to be?

For each of the eight types of leaders in the Mindful Leadership Model, there are eight areas for development or leadership competencies.

At the heart of the model is self-awareness, the ninth leadership competency on which the other competencies depend.

A range of practices for each competency is offered to help leaders cultivate the skills and behaviours needed to be a mindful leader.

The outcome will be the transformation of your leadership, your organisation, and its impact in the world. Along the way, you might also discover how mindfulness, purpose and resilience can change your life.

Mindful Leadership Model

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