Leadership Mentoring

Get inspired with individual mentoring for your leadership development or be part of a community of Courageous Leaders with the group mentoring program

Courageous Leadership Mentoring

An individual Leadership Mentoring program to support the growth of leaders, and build their capacity to face 21st century leadership challenges

Courageous Leadership Mentoring is similar to Maria Brett’s Transformational Coaching Program but focuses on a mentoring approach to leadership development. Leaders will be challenged to develop in their leadership roles by being more courageous and leaning in to the significant challenges of leadership. Participants will benefit from Maria sharing her knowledge, skills and experience as an executive leader but the focus of leadership development is principally driven by you as the Mentee. 

Program inclusions:

  • Monthly mentoring sessions via zoom
  • Choose between a 6 or 12 month contract (with the option to extend the program)
  • Access to leadership resources developed by Maria Brett
  • Access to additional mentoring support from Maria Brett via phone contact  or

Courageous Leadership Mentoring Program

A Group Mentoring Program for leaders to be supported and challenged to lead more courageously


The Courageous Leadership Mentoring Program is designed to support and challenge leaders to be more courageous in their leadership. The program draws on Maria’s approach to courageous leadership which you will learn and practice throughout the program. Participants will be mentored by Maria to tackle their leadership challenges and will also benefit for peer support as they build relationships in the Courageous Leaders Community.

The program begins with a 3-month foundation program which covers the Courageous Leadership Curriculum via monthly online Masterclasses, plus Curriculum Coaching and Question and Answer sessions.  The ongoing annual program includes:

  • Two x 2-day immersive learning events per year (may be in-person or online)
  • 6 x Group Mentoring sessions per year (including with guest mentors)
  • 6 x Group Coaching sessions per year (in small groups) 
  • 6 x Masterclasses per year
  • An interactive online Community Forum for sharing learning and support
  • Access to the Archive of recorded training, coaching and mentoring sessions
  • Optional one of one-to one mentoring with Maria for in-depth personal guidance
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